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Welcome to Episode 92 of Transition Transmission.  Our first episode of 2018!  This episode the trans ladies talk about Star Wars, elections, Vogue magazine, and more.  So join us as we ramble really far off topic into D-VHS territory that only the shadow knows...

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This week on Transition Transmission, a by and for transgender podcast, we celebrate election season with the election of all the transgender officials and lawmakers we could find.  Then, of course, we wander off and talk about movies and video games for a bit.

So join the Transgender Trio for another episode!

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Welcome to Episode 90!  Our last major milestone before episode 100.  We're back to talk about all of the major events happening in the world of trans and lgbt politics.  Plus movies and video games, and whatever else we get sidetracked onto.  So join the Transgender Trio for the latest and greatest episode of our little podcast :)


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Welcome to episode 89 of Transition Transmission.  This episode we basically just catch back up with each other, and talk about a ton of video games, movies, and we do sprinkle in a few current events as well.  But mostly... we just shoot the shit.  So join the trans ladies of this by and for transgender podcast for another off the rails episode.
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It's time again for more ramblings on all things trans, and LGBT, video games, movies and more.  Join Amber, Tibby, and Bunny as they wander through news and other random topics while building a Moist Meat Bathroom Sandwich of destruction.  Yes, really ;p

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It's another month, and another episode of Transition Transmission.  Join the Transgender Trio for another episode full of trans news, political views, and tangents askew.  ;p  This week we talk Laverne Cox, Trump, Doubt, McCain, Passing is for Football, and read some viewer mail

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Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast Ep 085 - New Things Are Coming

Welcome to Episode 85 of Transition Transmission.  This week we talk about Batman and the new trans character in DC Comics!  We also talk about Chelsea Manning being released early thanks to former President Obama.  We also go way off topic talking about the Nintendo Switch, Rogue One, and other random things in this episode of one of the longest running by and for transgender podcasts around.

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It's that time of year again.  The ladies of everyone's favorite by and for transgender podcast get together to answer some viewer mail, respond to some questions, and talk about the latest movies and special editions we liked and didn't like.  Join the Transgender Trio for the last podcast of the year!

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Welcome to this weeks episode, today the trans ladies of Transition Transmission podcast talk about the Trump, because well... it's happening.  We also talk about what we are thankful for, since the Holidays are upon us, and we just wander off and talk about whatever comes up.

So join the Transgender Trio on a podcast about seemingly nothing, and everything.

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This time on Transition Transmission, we are interviewing Dara Hoffman-Fox LPC about the new book entitled YOU AND YOUR GENDER IDENTITY: A GUIDE TO DISCOVERY.  Join us as we pick Dara's brain regarding her process, decisions to use certain methods in the gender discovery process, and we even catch up a little bit with her since we haven't talked to her in over a year.  So Join Amber Neko, Aubrey, and Cydney as they dance around under the Gender Gazebo.

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More on Dara and her book can be found at:


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