Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast

Welcome to episode 36 of a by and for transgender podcast, Transition Transmission.  Join the Transgender Trio as they discuss the latest and greatest goings on in the LGBTQ world.  This week we talk about Jenna Talackova, and her news on the PETA front, and her upcoming show on E!  We congratulate Maine, and Georgia on the steps towards transgender equality.  We also talk about Whedongate, or as we like to call it 'The Joss Whedon Transgender Incident of 2014'.  We finish off our podcast with a talk about Against Me! 's new Transgender Dysphoria Blues album.  We give CeCe McDonald a shout out, and talk about the upcoming Documentery.   So join three trans girls as they talk about trans stuff.  Topics also include, Bruce Jenner, The Dollhouse, and NOM.


Runtime: 74 minutes

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