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Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast Ep 067 - 3rd Year Anniversary Podcast

Welcome to the 3 Year Celebration of Transition Transmission.  Or as we like to call it. The Trans Queer Non-Binary Discussion of Doom!  In this episode we gathered as many podcasting pals as we could to discuss as much as we could pack into one episode.  This year, for our 3rd year celebration we have 9 contributors, all of whom have been on the podcast in the past, and they are as follows:

Amber Neko - Host / Writer
Ramona Knotts - Co-Host / Writer
Alexandria Tibricel - Co-Host
Dara Hoffman-Fox LPC - Gender Therapist / Writer
Gabrielle Hermosa - Public Speaker / Writer
Kristen Skinner - She who dealt with the DMV
Davinia Forgy - Trans Gal Gamer Pal
August Jackson - Resident Non-Binary Awesome Person
Bonnie Bunny - Queer Activist and Altruist

This year we talk about... a lot of stuff.  Here are some of the topics we touch on:

Transgender Characters in Media
Dragon Age Inquisition
Gone Home
The Gender Spectrum
Mr. Robot
I Am Cait
Boy Meets Girl
Steven Universe
I Am Jazz
Being Non-Binary
Gender Neutrality
The Danish Girl
Sex Positivity
Gender Perception
The Elderly Transgender Population
A new acronym TNGA that is about gender, and not sexuality

Yes, we discuss it all.  So join us for a nearly 4 hour long journey of discussions on a wide array of topics.  And help us wish the Transgender Trio a great 3 year anniversary on this podcast.
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Dara Hoffman-Fox :
Gabrielle Hermosa :

Runtime: 232 minutes

We'll do this again next year :)

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