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Amber and Bunny made a special piece of transgender and lesbian joyous ness for the holiday stream on Pride48.  Since the live stream is over now.  We'll stash this short episode here as a bonus for our listeners.  Featured in this live podcast was a poorly sung version of the 12 days of Transmas.

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The Transgender Trio's two cents on everything transgender related that they can currently think of and remember in regards to trans movies, trans tv, trans anime, trans manga and more.  So join Amber Neko, Alexandria Tibby, and Ramona Mona in the most epically long podcast they have done to date.  Special guest Bunny joins them for half of it as well.  

Transition Transmission - Under the Transgender Umbrella.  A podcast by and for the transgender community.

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In our 7th transgender topic podcast Amber Neko, Alexandria Tibby, and Ramona Mona discuss the latest and geatest topics of interest in on and around the Transgender Umbrella.  This week we discuss Jared Leto, DOMA, Prop 8 and more.  So join the Transgender Trio as they unashamedly dive into the topics.

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Happy Transgender Thanksgiving, or as we like to call it Transgiving.  Join Amber Neko, Ramona Mona, and Alexandria Tibby as they tell everyone under the transgender umbrella what they are transful for.  We discuss some United Nations, some Uganda kill the gays bill, some trans politics in Cuba, Ramona rants about descension within the transgender community, and we catch up with each other.  Join us on podcast Episode 6 of Transition Transmission

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Have you got your transgender news in podcast form today?  If not Amber Neko and Ramona Mona are here to comment on, and derail conversations of the transgender kind.  This week we cover San Francisco sex changes, a traumatic experiences leading to transition, GENDA, Transgender Beauty, and CNN telling us that 3.4% of america is in the LGBT family.

Enjoy Episode 5 of Transition Transmission: Under the Transgender Umbrella

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Join the Transgender Trio again for episode four.  In this podcast episode the ladies talke about what's new with them.  They gush over Lana Wachowski and Cloud Atlas a little bit.  They mention that Chaz Bono is cool, Illinois is awesome and progressive, and that Roseanne Barr doesn't want us in her restroom.  Transition Transmission is a transgender podcast by and for the members of the lgbt, transgender, intersex, and gender non conforming community.

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Join the Transgender Trio as they come together to discuss politics, specifically the Presidential race between Obama and Romney.  This episode starts with a 15 minute intro before Amber Neko, Ramona, and Alexandria Tibby dive into their long winded highly opinionated language filled rants.  This podcast is a by and for Transgender Podcast and the opinions presented here are those of the podcasters participating.  Running time is approx 105 minutes.

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Amber Neko, Ramona, and Alexandria Tibby are back again to discuss life under the transgender umbrella, and the current goings on in the world of lgbt and trans news.  

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Transition Transmission is back with Episode 2.  Join Amber Neko, Ramona, and Alexandria Tibby as they continue to discuss Transgender and LGBT topics and issues.  This weeks episode contain more discussion by the somewhat angry, drunk, groggy and bitter MTF gals including voting while trans*, assaults on one of our own, and having the option for a third gender maker on our ID's.  Also, we ramble farther down the transgender rabbit hole that most thought possible.  Thanks for listening.

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Transition transmission is a podcast by and for transgender, lgbt, and questioning individuals.  Join Amber, Ramona, and Alexandria on the pilot episode of the show.  We introduce ourselves and get to know each other.  We will be discussing issues relevant to transgender, transsuxual, lgbt, and the gender questioning individuals.

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