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Join the Transgender Trio as they come together to discuss politics, specifically the Presidential race between Obama and Romney.  This episode starts with a 15 minute intro before Amber Neko, Ramona, and Alexandria Tibby dive into their long winded highly opinionated language filled rants.  This podcast is a by and for Transgender Podcast and the opinions presented here are those of the podcasters participating.  Running time is approx 105 minutes.

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Amber Neko, Ramona, and Alexandria Tibby are back again to discuss life under the transgender umbrella, and the current goings on in the world of lgbt and trans news.  

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Transition Transmission is back with Episode 2.  Join Amber Neko, Ramona, and Alexandria Tibby as they continue to discuss Transgender and LGBT topics and issues.  This weeks episode contain more discussion by the somewhat angry, drunk, groggy and bitter MTF gals including voting while trans*, assaults on one of our own, and having the option for a third gender maker on our ID's.  Also, we ramble farther down the transgender rabbit hole that most thought possible.  Thanks for listening.

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