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Join Amber Neko, Alexandria Tibby, and Ramona Mona as they dance around the Transgender Umbrella for your amusement.  This week, the Transgender Trio talks about GLAAD adding trans* issues to it's mission statement.  Arizona's new bathroom laws for transgender individuals.  LGBT news with the Supreme Court hearings on Gay Marriage and Marriage Equality.  And of course, the HRC transgender flag incident that may or may not have happened?

PS Sorry Amber sounds sick.  She is though. 

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Welcome to the latest episode from the Transgender Trio.  Amber Neko, Alexandria Tibby, and Ramona Mona talk about the latest LGBT goings on in the world.  We talk about Bill O'Reilly on Fox News putting down transgender issues.  We talk about the transgender female MMA fighter Fallon Fox that the world is curious about.  An SNL Saturday Night Live skit that has left the transgender community a little less than thrilled.  An awesome transgender girl trying to win Miss Leeds, and Miss New England.  We quote some RuPaul, Belari India, Sydney's first transgender film festival and more.

Transition Transmission - Under the Transgender Umbrella - Episode 14

A by and for transgender podcast.

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Under the Transgender Umbrella Episode 13.  Join the Trans Trio as they discuss news, topics, lipstick and more.  In today's episode we talk about Laverne Cox, We Haz Mailz Cat, the Violence Against Women Act, a young trans girl name Leah in Mississippi, Texas proposing gay marriage, transgender Australia news, the Nerdist podcast, and a young trans girl on CNN by the name of Coy Mathis.  So join Amber Neko, Ramona Mona, and Alexandria Tibby as they wander through the life and times of transgender life.

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