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Join the Transgender Trio for episode 17 of Transition Transmission, a by and for transgender podcast.  This week Amber Neko, Ramona Mona, and Alexandria Tibby for the latest in transgender news and discussions.  This week we talk about a follow up on HRC and the Transgender Flag incident.  We talk about our new favorite trans character in comic books with Batgirl #19.  We gossip a bit over Laura Jane Grace in Cosmo.  We wade through some more Fallon Fox stuff.  Some wonderful Republicans thoughts on transgender issues in Michigan and Georgia.  And we get a little drunk towards the end.

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In this episode Under the Transgender Umbrella: We interview the lovely Jan Scott-Scott Frazier, artist, teacher, counsellor, story teller, visible transgender individual, and positive force in the world.  She has worked in the anime industry in Japan for over 13 years, and has founded a charity called Voices For.  Also, she's really fun and opens up to us about her life, her story, triumphs tragedies, and made us laugh.

This was our first Skype interview so the audio is a bit off, but listen-to-able.  So join Amber, Alexandria, and Ramona, say hello to Jan and enjoy!

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