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Welcome to Transition Transmission, a by and for transgender podcast.  Join the Transgender Trio: Amber, Ramona, and Alexandria as they discover how best to push 'browndries', which is pushing boundaries and brownies... simultaneously.  The trans girls also cover topics on Autumn Sandeen and the Pentagon's newly released gender change information.  The UN's new Anti Homophobia video.  A nifty TED talk on gender.  We give kudos to a new transgender support group in Rhode Island.  We talk about parents who have decided to sue a state for surgically making their child female.  And we talk about a Florida girl who is being charged.

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Welcome to episode 20 of Transition Transmission.  Join your by and for transgender podcast hosts as they discuss the trans topics, and intersex queries of the day.  This week the @TransgenderTrio talks about some listerner mail and whether or not anyone 'becomes' transgender.  They talk about intersex life for peeps.  A little bit about the trans podcast rivals/friends/trans gal podcsats Sugar and Spice and Trans Talk. We even open upabout RuPaul's Drag Race and how it intersects with transgener issues. Discuss a HuffPo article on black trans male anger.  They talk about New York becoming accepting of transgender citizens because it's costing too much.  They discuss how they came to realize there were FtM's in the world.  Remembering the days of yore, and pondering why the GLAAD media awards didn't see fit to give Cloud Atlas an award?

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Join the transgener trio minus one as they discuss life, transition, and more.  Join Amber and TIbby alongside special guest pansexual podcaster Bunny, and guest co-host Kira.  This week we talk about the differences in transition and being transgender from the perspectives of multiple groups within the transgender community.  We talk about coming out at work, getting divorced, and all that life has to offer a transgender individual.  We discuss Chrysalis lingerie again.  We also talk about Jennifer Boylan and her interview on the Today show and how having a transgender family works or doesn't work.  And we throw our two cents in on Jason Collins the newly out gay NBA star.

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Join the Transgender Trio: Amber Neko, Ramona Mona, and Alexandria Tibby as they talk about the transgender topics of the day.  We heard back from Leah in Mississippi, and we finally sold some merch.  ENDA of course comes up, we talk about the awesome happenings in Philadelphia, and we check in on the Boy Scouts of America.  It also seems like Idaho, and Rhode Island are moving in the right direction.  We talk home town with Tennessee's Traditional Marriage Day, and we visit our LGBT pals in France... sort of.  Oh, and we join K-mart in shipping our pants here on the by and for transgender podcast: Transition Transmission.

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