Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast
Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast Ep 050 - 2 YEAR TRANS/LGBTQ ROUND TABLE CELEBRATION

Transition Transmission is a by and for transgender podcast.  This podcast is the celebration of not only our 50th episode, but our 2nd year anniversary!  We invited back some of the guests we've had on the show in the past to join us for a round table discussion where everyone brings a topic to the table and we go around the room and discuss it.  Our guests include Trans counselors, Dara Hoffman-Fox, and Jan Scott-Frazier.  A transgender atheist, Maddy Love.  Our always altruistic, Bunny.  Podcast pal, August.  Fellow co-host, Ramona Knotts.  And your host, Amber Neko Meador.

Join us as we talk discuss topics including:

-How do I know if I'm trans?  -How to respond to social media attacks?  -Were we born boys, girls, or babys?  -How is trans representation in the media changing?  -How does one become a good trans ally?  -How does one adjust/cope/make peace with being transgender and belonging to a religion or church?  -Coming out advice and thoughts?  -And what about third gender options?  Or fourth?  Or fifth?

So join us for a long, but very interesting podcast as we go around the room and discuss what's on our minds :)


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