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Welcome to Episode 92 of Transition Transmission.  Our first episode of 2018!  This episode the trans ladies talk about Star Wars, elections, Vogue magazine, and more.  So join us as we ramble really far off topic into D-VHS territory that only the shadow knows...

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Welcome to Episode 90!  Our last major milestone before episode 100.  We're back to talk about all of the major events happening in the world of trans and lgbt politics.  Plus movies and video games, and whatever else we get sidetracked onto.  So join the Transgender Trio for the latest and greatest episode of our little podcast :)


Twitter: @TransgenderTrio

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Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast Ep 080 - It's Fucking Sad

This week the Transgender Trio talk about the shooting at the Pulse Night club, and our political leaders reactions to it.  They also talk about some other stuff to help keep the chins up.  Join us for this weeks by and for transgender podcast, and enjoy our stupid show that doesn't really do any good.  Stay Safe Out There!

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Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast Ep 063 - Between Barack and a Hard Place

Welcome to the latest episode of Transition Transmission, a by and for transgender podcast.  Today we're talking about the SCOTUS and marriage rights coming to all 50 states.  In this episode we celebrate, but also discuss a weeks worth of interesting topics on trans and lgbtq issues including the White House Pride reception, and murder being blamed on the acceptance of transgender individuals.  We talk about a great queer summer reading list.  We try to talk about recent tragic events, and we geek out a bit over Sense8 again.  So join us for our latest episode.

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Join Amber Neko, Ramona Mona, Alexandria Tibby, and podcast guest August as we talk about trans topics on this weeks episode of Transition Transmission, a by and for transgender podcast.  This week we talk about Jazz and her new children's book.  We touch on how awesome 'The Switch' is so far.  We're liking Obama's desire to push an executive order on through for ENDA.  But, we're awful upset that Chase Culpepper didn't get to take a great photo at the DMV.  And we finish off with the topic of Sex in Alabama.  We also veer a long way off topic once or twice.  So join the Transgender Trio as they keep dancing under the Transgender Umbrella.

Runtime: 70 minutes


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Join the Transgender Trio for a by and for transgender podcast.  This week Amber Neko, Alexandria Tibby, and Ramona Mona discuss the topics of the last weeks.  First we talk about Steven Sanchez from the University of Northern Iowa winning homecoming queen.  We discuss a fair amount of listener mail we've received.  We also talk about the lies coming from anti-lgbt organizations about a trans girl who harassed girls in a restroom... PJI, Christian Broadcast Network, etc... shame on you.  Still seems like Colorado is just a mecca of transgender topics and issues. We also talk about how the value voters summit, and all the hate groups present have decided that LGBT issues, and especially trans individuals are the complete ruin of this country... we have a good laugh at some of them.  Fallon Fox has sadly lost her championship bout, but we look forward to the next.


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This podcast the @TransgenderTrio discuss the latest and greatest happenings in transgender and lgbt news.  They talk about American Apparel's new Transexy search for trans models.  The Dallas Buyers Clubs trailer has been released, and Jared Leto doesn't look to bad as a trans chick.  The US Dept of Health and Human Services wanting to know about transgender well being. Goldfrapp has a new video called Annabel featuring a young transgender female, and it's awesome and sad.  Cambridge has changed it's dress code to accomodate transgender students.  There is a new trans girl wrestler making her debut soon.  We discuss how DC Comics seems to be going down the shitter with the news of Batwoman's lesbian wedding being cancelled.  And we touch on a newly out transgender female activist in Russia.

So join the transgender trio for all of this and more.

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Welcome to the by and for transgender and lgbt podcast, Transition Transmission.  This week the @TransgenderTrio talk about the Supreme Courts rulilngs on DOMA, and how all the Republican Christian Conservatives feel that this marks the end of all things.  We also talk about the gay conspiracy that is sweeping through the USA, because ya know, we're all in on the conspiracy.  Update on Coy Mathis.  And some of the most disturbing news we've ever heard out of Greece who seems to be puting people in transgender camps.  Yes, just like the Germans tried to get rid of the undesireables, so too are the Greek.  Also, Wendy Davis is our hero!

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Under the Transgender Umbrella Episode 13.  Join the Trans Trio as they discuss news, topics, lipstick and more.  In today's episode we talk about Laverne Cox, We Haz Mailz Cat, the Violence Against Women Act, a young trans girl name Leah in Mississippi, Texas proposing gay marriage, transgender Australia news, the Nerdist podcast, and a young trans girl on CNN by the name of Coy Mathis.  So join Amber Neko, Ramona Mona, and Alexandria Tibby as they wander through the life and times of transgender life.

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Welcome to episode 12 of Transition Transmission, a by and for transgender podcast.  Join Amber Neko, Ramona Mona, and Bonnie Bunny as we tackle as much trans and lgbt news as we can fit into two hours.  Listeners will note that the mail goblin has now joined the crew.  We read some itunes reviews, and some listener mail. Today we talk about Archer on FX saying Tranny, a Transgender youth clinic in Chicago, a transgender concert pianist, Chrysalis lingerie that is specifically made for male to female mtf transgender girls, Fox News, Catfish, and Nepal.  So join a transgender duo joined by a pansexual pal in our latest episode.

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Amber Neko, Ramona, and Alexandria Tibby are back again to discuss life under the transgender umbrella, and the current goings on in the world of lgbt and trans news.  

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