Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast (trans)
Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast Ep 056 - Partying under the Transgender Gazebo

Welcome to the by and for transgender podcast, with your hosts the Transgender Trio.  This week, Amber, Ramona, and Tibby explore the latest goings on in Trans World.  We decide that the transgender umbrella isn't big enough anymore, and we need it to be a Gazebo.  We talk about Amazon's Transparent winning at the Golden Globes, which we're excited about.  We also talk a little bit about Russia... and driving while trans.  We even wander around with Nepal and Thailand for a moment.  All this, and more, and lots of being side tracked, on this weeks episode of Transition Transmission!

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Welcome to this weeks episode of Transition Transmission, a by and for transgender podcast.  This week we welcome our guest Maddy Love on the show.  She is the creator and host of the Trans Atheist Podcast.  We talk about a lot of thing.  We do, of course, talk a little bit on atheism, church, and Amber brings up the aliens.  We talk about Doctor Who, professional wrestling, suicide, acceptance, coming out, family, the safety of the transgender community, and how we identity at birth.  It was a fun interview.  So join Amber, Alexandria, Bunny, and Maddy for this weeks episode of Transition Transmission


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Welcome to Transition Transmission Episode 26.  Join the Transgender Trio on a by and for transgender podcast.  In this weeks episode we talk about the world and some of our own hopes and desires.  We talk about 5 LGBT and Transgender computer games you can play to make you slightly sad.  Against Me!'s new song and Laura Jane Grace short discussion.  We also talk international trans news with Irelands new Gender Laws.  We also re-visit the travesty that is visiting our trans sisters in Thessaloniki Greece, and their street protest.  But, we do cover some other good news as well.  The Trans Life center has opened in Chicago, and ENDA might just get passed this time around with the help of a 'few' good Republicans.  We trail off towards the end and discuss Laverne Cox in Orange is the New Black, and go a bit into the Ultimate Transgender Lesbian Star Wars Wedding.

So join us for the discussions, news, and fun in the latest episode from Transition Transmission


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Welcome to the latest episode from the Transgender Trio.  Amber Neko, Alexandria Tibby, and Ramona Mona talk about the latest LGBT goings on in the world.  We talk about Bill O'Reilly on Fox News putting down transgender issues.  We talk about the transgender female MMA fighter Fallon Fox that the world is curious about.  An SNL Saturday Night Live skit that has left the transgender community a little less than thrilled.  An awesome transgender girl trying to win Miss Leeds, and Miss New England.  We quote some RuPaul, Belari India, Sydney's first transgender film festival and more.

Transition Transmission - Under the Transgender Umbrella - Episode 14

A by and for transgender podcast.

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The Transgender Trio's two cents on everything transgender related that they can currently think of and remember in regards to trans movies, trans tv, trans anime, trans manga and more.  So join Amber Neko, Alexandria Tibby, and Ramona Mona in the most epically long podcast they have done to date.  Special guest Bunny joins them for half of it as well.  

Transition Transmission - Under the Transgender Umbrella.  A podcast by and for the transgender community.

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