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In this weeks episode of Transition Transmission, a by and for transgender podcast, we answer a lot of listerner mail and messages that we've received over the last month.  We talk about how much we love and respect GenCon for standing up for everyone in Indiana.  We gripe about how easily transphobia comes to comedians like Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, especially when they both went out of their way to make fun of Bruce Jenner.  We talk about the Obama administrations stance on same sex marriage, and how it has gotten harder for someone to be removed from military service for being trans.  All of this and more as we discuss what's new in the world, and, of course, we get sidetracked by all the other things that are going on in the world.

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Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast Ep 058 - Hashtag Something

Welcome to this weeks episode of Transition Transmission.  This week, the Transgender Trio discusses Eddi Redmayne playing a transgender icon.  We Also talk about the transgender bathroom bill that failed in Kentucky, and the one that's on the rise in Texas.  We go into few details about all that's going, and we get really really sidetracked this episode.  So join us for another round of talk, speculation, and fun under the transgender gazebo.  And just as a reminder, violence and threats are never the answer.

Runtime 85 minutes

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Welcome to this weeks episode of your favorite by and for Transgender Podcast, Transition Transmission.  This week the Transgender Trio discuss what's new, what's now, and what's next with transgender and LGBT topics.  Florida wants to make it illegal for a trans person to go to the right bathroom.  Miley Cyrus wants to do a concert for Leelah Alcorn.  A US University now recognizes a third gender.  Jill Soloway made us all really sad.  Bruce Jenner has confirmed transition is happening.  And Alabama conservatives have decided to prove the complete and utter stupidity to the world.  It seems Alabama will continue to fail at civil rights for the rest of its existence.  So join us as we discuss all these topics, plus our absolute love of Jupiter Ascending in episode 57!

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Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast Ep 056 - Partying under the Transgender Gazebo

Welcome to the by and for transgender podcast, with your hosts the Transgender Trio.  This week, Amber, Ramona, and Tibby explore the latest goings on in Trans World.  We decide that the transgender umbrella isn't big enough anymore, and we need it to be a Gazebo.  We talk about Amazon's Transparent winning at the Golden Globes, which we're excited about.  We also talk a little bit about Russia... and driving while trans.  We even wander around with Nepal and Thailand for a moment.  All this, and more, and lots of being side tracked, on this weeks episode of Transition Transmission!

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Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast Ep 055 - Leelah Alcorn, Rolling Stone, and Candy

Join the Transgender Trio for the first episode of the new year on your 'probably' favorite transgender podcast.

This week, we take a look at the mail pile that build up over the holidays.  Then we talk about Leelah Alcorn and the suicide note that was left behind for the world to see, as well as her plea to 'fix society'.  We also rejoice at the trailer for Boy Meets Girl, and really want to see a romantic comedy with a trans girl done right.  We talk about how Rolling Stone felt it could name the 11 reasons why 2014 was the year of Transgender success... ?  And we talk about the iconic, and controversial, cover of Candy magazine.

So join us for this weeks episode of the Transition Transmssion podcast.

Runtime: 88 minutes

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Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast Ep 054 - Social Justice Romance Warrior 3: The Inquisition!

The Transgender Trio is back!  On this episode of Transition Transmission we talk about... stuff!  We talk about the death of ENDA.  We discuss the new 'transgender anthem' Mister Sister.  We look at the lack of transgender authors in the transgender category of the LAMBDA Literary Awards.  OKCupid expanding options for gender.  We give congrats to Transparent and the new trans staff writer Our Lady J.  And we talk abour our new favoite trans character in video games, Crem, from Dragon Age Inquisition.


So join the Transgender Trio as they catch up on the stuff they've missed during the busy Holiday season.


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Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast Ep 053 - Politics, Movies, & Trans Stuff, Oh my!

Welcome to this weeks episode of Transition Transmission, a by and for transgender podcast.  This week, we share our thoughts on the recent elections that took place.  And then we talk about the hot button topics for the week, such as Elle Fanning (of Maleficent fame) taking on the role of a Transgender male in an upcoming movie called Three Generations.  We talk about Lea T getting a new gig as the face of Redken.  And we poke at Laura Jane Grace's new AOL show called True Trans.  We talk about whatever else comes up along the way as well.  And as always we derail the conversations into something else entirely a time or two along the way.

So join the Transgender Trio for Episode 53!

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Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast Ep 052 - Trans Girl Gamers!

This week on Transition Transmission we welcome two guest commentators to the show.  Davinia and Samantha both joined us for our latest gaming session, and like all wonderful trans people we meet, we want to have them on the show to share some thoughts and some opinions with us :)  So join us as we talk about sex, and the taboo of trans sex.  We talk about Houston and the sermon scandal.  We even share some opinions on trans men being in women's colleges.  We talk about the new Amazon show, Transparent, and how much we love it.  We even bring up the latest South Park episode, The Cissy, and how it dealt with gender identity and presentation.  Then, of course, we talk about our D&D game.

So join the Transgender Trio, and two new trans gaming gal pals as they talk about the latest and greatest in the LGBTQ world.

Runtime: 110 minutes

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Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast Ep 051 - The 3rd Season Begins!!

The Transgender Trio is back for season 3 of Transition Transmission, a by and for transgender podcast.  Aside from new opening music… there isn’t much that is new about the format of this podcast ;p   This week, we talk about the growing debate over names, and the new voter id laws that some are woried about may affect their ability to vote in the coming elections.  We talk about Laverne Cox’s new docu-show ‘The T Word’, and we wish the best for Paula Overby, a transgender candidate who’s running for office.  We also, as is tradition, go about as far off the page as we can before we forget where we started in this weeks episode of Transition Transmission.


Runtime: 78 minutes

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Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast Ep 050 - 2 YEAR TRANS/LGBTQ ROUND TABLE CELEBRATION

Transition Transmission is a by and for transgender podcast.  This podcast is the celebration of not only our 50th episode, but our 2nd year anniversary!  We invited back some of the guests we've had on the show in the past to join us for a round table discussion where everyone brings a topic to the table and we go around the room and discuss it.  Our guests include Trans counselors, Dara Hoffman-Fox, and Jan Scott-Frazier.  A transgender atheist, Maddy Love.  Our always altruistic, Bunny.  Podcast pal, August.  Fellow co-host, Ramona Knotts.  And your host, Amber Neko Meador.

Join us as we talk discuss topics including:

-How do I know if I'm trans?  -How to respond to social media attacks?  -Were we born boys, girls, or babys?  -How is trans representation in the media changing?  -How does one become a good trans ally?  -How does one adjust/cope/make peace with being transgender and belonging to a religion or church?  -Coming out advice and thoughts?  -And what about third gender options?  Or fourth?  Or fifth?

So join us for a long, but very interesting podcast as we go around the room and discuss what's on our minds :)


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