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Welcome to episode 12 of Transition Transmission, a by and for transgender podcast.  Join Amber Neko, Ramona Mona, and Bonnie Bunny as we tackle as much trans and lgbt news as we can fit into two hours.  Listeners will note that the mail goblin has now joined the crew.  We read some itunes reviews, and some listener mail. Today we talk about Archer on FX saying Tranny, a Transgender youth clinic in Chicago, a transgender concert pianist, Chrysalis lingerie that is specifically made for male to female mtf transgender girls, Fox News, Catfish, and Nepal.  So join a transgender duo joined by a pansexual pal in our latest episode.

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This week the transgender trio minus one podcast lady is interviewing trans activist Fionna Kretzschmar.  President of the Jacksonville State University (JSU) LGBT Organization.  She talks about life, coming out, transition, and other random trans stuff.  Fiona is also an intersex individual as she has Klinefelter syndrome, and she talks about dealing with that and her family as well.  So join Amber Neko and Ramona Mona in the first ever Transition Transmission Interview Episode ;p

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